Rose Paulino is the founder of the brand "Rose Paulino". She launched the brand  in November 2017. 


A little history

Rose Paulino, started designing as a child in foster care. At age 11, after being placed with a foster family and an unfortunate event occurring with her foster sister Rose had to think fast and act. Her foster sister tore apart all her clothing causing her to awaken the designer within. Since then, she has been piecing together ideas to rebuild lost or destroyed pieces of clothes and designing new ideas for original pieces.
Rose taught herself to sew, draft, pattern making and sketch. Very quickly she became an all-around fashion designer, designing swimwear for college events. Today, Rose is a swimwear designer, taking the Rose Paulino brand to new and exciting heights. Today Rose Paulino has been featured in VOGUE, VANITY FAIR, TATLER MAGAZINE, and HOUSE& GARDEN.


She started designing swimwear freshman year at SUNY NEW PALTZ. Her first collection was designed for Latino Week. Latino Week is a week full of events where the Latinos of the campus showcase the Latino heritage, culture, and talents. At the end of the week there is a fashion show and that is where she spontaneously decided to test out my first swimwear collection. It turned out to be a success and from there on I started making custom made pieces for people.
She worked for Steve Madden for 2 years and started off as a customer service rep and then was promoted to the madden girl design team. She had no idea how to design shoes, but as a natural designer it was something, she was able to pick up fast and fell in love with it. But eventually, she realised the fact that she was working for someone's success and wanted to do something of her own which gave birth to the brand.

How are we different ?

What makes our company different is its community driven mission. Our company is not just a company where we voice our designs, confidence, and body acceptance, rather it is a company that represents hope. Foster kids grow up thinking they are a statistic and will not succeed due to lack of love and a support system.

Important message from the founder

My company's mission is to show the foster care kids that they too, can be entrepreneurs and strive to the top. If there is one thing, we foster care kids know how to do, is HUSTLE! I want to to teach them to use that passion to survive to create!

- Rose Paulino

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